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Dyslexia can be identified in Kindergarten with 92% accuracy. We do not have to wait for t


Since 2019

The Reading Fairy was founded in 2019 after Brandy Kirven began homeschooling due to the challenges her son was having in school caused by dyslexia.  She began providing private dyslexia services at that time and The Reading Fairy has been growing ever since. About ninety percent of our clientele comes from word of mouth and we are proud of that.  It is our personal experience with dyslexia that drives our passion.

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Brandy Kirven

Dyslexia Therapist

Certified Academic Language Therapist

Brandy Kirven

Brandy received her Academic Language Therapy training in 2020.  She has been working exclusively with dyslexics for the past nine years.  Brandy is an active member with the Academic Language Therapy Association and has served as the Arizona's Chapter President in the past and currently serves on the Ethics Committee.

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