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Dyslexia can be identified in Kindergarten with 92% accuracy. We do not have to wait for t

My husband and I knew our daughter was having trouble with reading and spelling, but the school said because she was passing, she was fine. The school would not test her for dyslexia or provide reading support because of some ridiculously low standard of "doing fine" It took our neighbor and good friend Brandy, who is a dyslexia and reading specialist, to help us know we were not crazy to think she was needlessly struggling.

Our daughter started working with Brandy and we changed her to a new school who was willing to support her reading needs. These proper supports, these needed changes are showing results not only in her reading scores but also her confidence.

So if you have a struggling reader, don't let ridiculously low standards keep your child from reaching THEIR full potential.

-mother of client

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We are so grateful for Brandy Kirven and would recommend her for any dyslexia needs! She not only helped identify and diagnose our son's dyslexia, as he did not test as an obvious dyslexic, but she taught him the tools he needed to succeed! After our son was turned down for dyslexia services in the public school system, Brandy's in depth knowledge and understanding of dyslexia enabled her to look into his testing and see why he tested as if he didn't have dyslexia. She was able to see how well he had learned to compensate for his lack of ability to read, write and spell. She not only identified it, but helped me obtain a proper diagnosis, and then worked with him to give him the skills needed to be successful in school. Our son went from a struggling student to an Honor Roll student that is thriving with the skills she worked so hard to make sure he possessed! She has given my son a confidence and an opportunity that he would have never had without her! Brandy Kirven is so patient, kind, and understanding. Our son loved working with her. Since she is also dyslexic, she understood first hand all of the struggles he was experiencing. She will be a blessing for anyone needing dyslexia therapy!!

-mother of client

Mrs. Kirven has great training and experience in the science of teaching reading. She works with students in multi-sensory structured language lessons different than traditional reading instruction in most schools. Lessons follow a careful sequence and are designed for the individual's needs. She teaches effectively and it is pleasant for the child, helps them feel successful while building needed skills.

-Licensed Dyslexia Therapist

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